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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Get A Quote


Getting a quote can be done several ways.

You can schedule for us to come out and visit the project location, bring samples and obtain the measurements and information we need or you are welcome to stop in, email or fax your information to us.


(Verbal & Over The Phone) quotes will not be given.


The information needed for a quote:

  • Project name and location?

  • Time schedule?

  • Countertop diagram with detailed dimensions?

  • Material chosen?

  • Edge Profile?

  • Is the project a new kitchen installation or existing countertop only replacement?

  • Will there be a Backsplash?

  • Is the Stove (Free Standing) (Slide In) or (Cook Top)?

  • What is the desired sink installation?

    • Drop In

    • Undermount

    • Apron Front (Farm Sink)


Your quote will be available within 48 - 72 hours.

*Some quotes may be subject to a $75.00 fee that will be credited toward the project upon approval.



Our Pricing


At Countertop Fabrication we sell a complete finished product. 

This includes:

  • Templating, Fabrication, & Installation.

  • Removal & Disposal of your existing surfaces.

  • Cabinetry modifications if necessary.

    • Including adjusting for level.

    • Including modifications for sink and appliance openings.

  • Installation of the Sink & Faucet with connections.


Our products are ready to use the day of installation.

Our pricing reflects the total services we provide complete for each individual project.

Our products are Not offered based on square foot pricing.


The Process


After your countertop material & sink decision has been made the templating process can be scheduled.

This process will take about 2 hours to complete and will only require us to clear off any items on the countertop surface.

During this time we will confirm your desired overhangs, backsplash height, corner details, edge profile, & seam location if needed. After the template has been made and we have delivery of the needed materials the fabrication can begin. 

Depending on the complexity of the project involved and our current fabrication in progress, the average project has a lead time of approximately 4 weeks. Lead times may vary and you will be notified if that is the case.

Our typical installation will take the better part of a day. Upon arrival we will cover the flooring work area and move any appliances that may be in the way. We then remove the existing countertop surfaces and make any cabinetry modifications necessary.

The new countertop surface is then installed & fit into place followed by the sink & faucet.

The kitchen area is then cleaned and ready for use. At this time we will go over the use & care for your countertop surface.



Use & Care


For most of our countertop surfaces it is recommended to use a clean soft cotton cloth with a mild liquid detergent and warm water.

Rinse with clean water and then dry the surface.


Keep Your Countertops Dry
Film will build up on countertops if water is left to dry on the surface. This film will dull the countertop surface, making the finish appear blotchy and uneven. To prevent film build-up, it is very important to wipe the countertop completely dry immediately after spills and cleaning.


Some colors  may require more frequent cleaning to maintain a uniform finish. Darker colors tend to require more attention than lighter colors.


Preventing Heat Damage

With all countertop materials, it is important to minimize direct heat exposure to protect your surface and investment.

Do not place hot pots, pans, etc. directly on the countertop surface.  
Always use heat trivets or pads when placing hot objects on any surface. Always use a trivet under portable heat-generating appliances, such as a toaster oven.


Preventing Other Damage

Be sure to follow the guidelines that are included with your countertop to help you prevent any permanent damage.











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